• “After reading the Ebook I got to know Taiwan better. 
    Although I had been to Taiwan a few times, there is still so much foods I have never eaten before, such as deep fried squid and beef noodles. Will definitely try out these foods in my coming visit!”

    Miss Xiang Qing, Accounts Executive, Singapore.
    ~ Her compliment for Eat Secrets Ebook ~

    Visited Taiwan on her fourth trip with family and friends – and still looking for more!

  • “This Ebook has very comfortable length of words, making reading easy to understand and fun! Just the kind of instant pocket guide I can use to explore Taiwan!”

    Rick K. W. Banking Sales Advisor, Singapore. 
    ~ His compliment for List Of Lists Ebook ~

    Always excited to feast in the night markets when he toured Taiwan (2 trips thus far)!


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Both are great! EPUB is good for ebook reader, mobile phone. PDF is colourful, visually-rich. Enjoyable in phone, laptop even desktop computer.


How may I download my Ebook?

On purchase, you may keep a copy of the Ebook in your ebook reader, mobile phone, laptop and desktop computer. To enjoy where you go, when you wish.

Can I buy your Ebooks in other languages?

For now, you can enjoy our Ebooks in English only. A Chinese version has completed production but is available in only Chinese online markets. 

Can I buy an Ebook gift certificate?

Thanks but we do not have this functionality yet. In fact, we priced our Ebooks from just us$4.99. So you can buy and enjoy in gladness, and also send your smart travel friends here!  

Do I get a discount if I buy more than 1 Ebook?

Good query! We had priced our Ebooks from a sweet us$4.99. Already discounted to match pricing demand of you international online readers. Look out here for our bundled offers for you!

How may I get future updates?

Taiwan travel is dynamic and ever evolving! Catch fun info about her night markets in this Website. Why not let us email you updates – sign up free for our eNewsletter (available soon)!

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