Author Bio

1. Taiwan for him?

“Sorry, the other locations are filled! You want Taiwan? We could send you there..” His boss informed David Wee, a Chinese Singaporean in his early 20s, of his overseas job posting..

That was 1991. David Wee’s love story with Taiwan has begun!

2. Did he survive Taiwan?

So in his time away from work in 1991, David befriended the locals, checked out places,  night markets, tasted Taiwanese culture – even fell in and out of love! Back then, traveling Taiwan was raw and about being intuitively street-smart!

Yes, David “survived” Taiwan!

3. Sharing Taiwan with love!

Taiwan-Revisited Honeymoon!

After returning to Singapore, David re-visited Taiwan with his Singaporean wife in 2006 – exactly 15 years (!) later! David showed Taiwan to his wife the first-time visitor. His favourite haunt – the night markets – are way more organised and ever popular!

Taipei destination adviser!

To prepare for their Taiwan visit, David chanced upon the mega travel site online. He soon volunteered as a Taipei “Destination Expert”, cheerfully dishing out positive, street-savvy travel tips in TripAdvisor’s hugely popular Taiwan travel forums.

Meanwhile, due to business commitments, David is less involved in dishing out advice in TripAdvisor’s popular Taiwan travel forums.

4. His heart for you travellers in Taiwan!

When he and his wife are not making short trips into Taiwan, they spend countless hours in Taiwan travel resources, from travel materials to videos – online and offline!

He co-founded, a Singapore-registered business. Creatively producing, (among other upcoming WebZines), sharing with subscribers and fans Taiwan travel tips and tales in humour and passion!


“Don’t worry that you need a headful of knowledge to enjoy your Taiwan travels! 
Use your intuition, street-smarts, and love for life to tour deeply – beyond what a typical tourist will experience!”

— David Wee
Creative Director & Co-Founder,
Author of Taiwan Night Markets List Of Lists!
& Taiwan Night Markets Alive – Secrets series Ebooks.